5 years.  Impossible to really understand, but there is something I EAK beachwanted to share with everyone.

It has been 5 years since we hugged and kissed Emma, Alyson & Katie.  It has been 5 years since our lives changed forever and a new way of living began.

Jackie and I are learning, day by day, how to live with loss.  We have learned that we can’t stay within the loss, we can’t survive in that space.  Staying within the loss means we are dead.  We have to accept that loss is inescapable for all–you can’t live a life without it.  While Jackie and I struggle to contain our loss and sadness, we ask ourselves what can we do in the face of indescribable loss?  Our answer is we try to balance.  We feel the loss.  We acknowledge it everyday, and then we work very hard to stay in the living moments we have.  We have also learned to allow those who love us to be in our lives.  We spend time helping others.  We tell people that we see what they do for our family and we appreciate all of the kindness and generosity.  We learn to love with broken hearts.

We are fortunate that people often ask us what they can do or how they can help us.  Here’s how–you can be kind to my girls by treating July 26th as a special day for the people who are important to you.  Use this day as a reminder.  Let July 26th be a day that shines a light on those you love, the people who you hold close, or maybe even those you miss.  Honor these people by telling them or reconnecting with them on a day we hold for Emma, Alyson, Katie and all those who lost their lives on July 26th.

Today I will focus on what I love and appreciate about my girls.
Emma always…

Alyson …


Thank you for remembering and honoring our beautiful girls.  We appreciate each and every one of you.  We face each day with the support we receive from family, friends and strangers. Just as I did five years ago, I thank you for holding my daughters in your hearts.

Be safe. I love you all